Romeika... A Greek dialect that is still spoken in Trebizond today... But it has now been on the UNESCO's list of endangered languages. 
Yet, fortunately, by the huge effort of twenty-five years, with perseverance and patience, we could succeed to save the largest portion of the vocabulary of the dialect thanks to kind contributions of dozens of great people.

Finally, we were able to publish the dictionary that the introduction part was written by Peter Mackridge, Emeritus Professor of Modern Greek, University of Oxford and published under ISBN 978-605-7592-13-2 by Heyamola Yayınları in Istanbul.

The dictionary, designed with a great care and love, has hard and handmade leather cover, contains 14,400 words and 8,500 illustrative sentences. Amongst them are proverbs, idioms, poems, verses, wishes, curses, etc.



Not only being a valuable treasure due to showing the usage of words in it, but also includes some cultural patterns of the community speaking this language.

This work must be supported especially by those who know the language, as a legacy of their ancestors. Besides, everyone concerned about the fading colors of Anatolia should also have it in his library, since it is a dialect that has prevailed for thousands of years in his country and is now on the verge of extinction.

The dictionary can be easily understood by Greek Pontians who know Pontian well enough. It is the voice of our ancestors that has arrived to this day in the homeland. And even if this language ceases to be spoken there in the high mountains of Pontus, you know, at least it will certainly be whispered by sons of Pontos as well as students, researchers and scientists forever.

The dictionary can be obtained from the publisher İstanbul/Turkey-based Heyamola Yayınları or from dozens of online bookstores like, etc. To get to the various sales web pages, type the title Romeika - Türkçe Sözlük into the search engines. You will find several pages with different alternatives of prices.